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BPBible when I download latches onto wrong down loads fo r other apps

When I try to download mp3 songs to windows media player and other apps BPBible0.4 latches onto the down loads and takes control of them I cannot recover them how can I stop the BPBible from grabing onto these down loads


can this software be made into a bible projection software? So this be a big help in projecting bible verses in the LCD...

another thing, is there anyway to edit bibles used in this software?

Strongs Dictionaries not working

Whenever I right-click within a Bible window and select the "Look up '...' in the Dictionary" option from the pop-up menu, the last entry (08674 in Hebrew or 05624 in Greek) is always displayed. It works correctly if I display the strongs numbers in the text and click that number, but not by just selecting the word.

I am currently using the Portable version 0.4 rev 2, which included the strongs dictionaries.

Display of Chinese characters

I downloaded the ChiUn (Chinese Union Version Traditional) Bible module and installed it OK. The font I selected was Arial Unicode MS. However, each character is displayed on its side, i.e. rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise from its correct orientation. I will be most grateful if someone can tell me how can I get the characters to be displayed the right way up?

Sword Python Bindings

Do you have a copy of the Sword Python Bindings available for Python 2.5 on XP? I tried placing the _Sword.pyd file and Sword.pyo file from your Windows distribution in site-packages but Python cannot find the Sword module.

User Friendly for Restrictive Countries?

I live and work in an open country among a "closed" people group. Minority languages can now easily be converted from the translator software to the sword format using linux's Bibledit. BPBible portable program is looking great for distributing minority language scriptures, especially when a USB drive costs less than $2.

eeePC Issues

I tried several times to download and start up BPBible on a USB flash drive using my eeePC 1000 without success. I took the same drive to an HP dv9000 laptop running Windows Vista and it worked first time. Took the drive to another laptop running Windows XP and it worked first there. Returned to the eeePC netbook and the application failed to load. Saw someone else had a problem with an eeePC and wanted to share this as it appears to be a problem between eeePC and the BPBible application.

Can the books at e-sword.net be used with BPBible?

Can the books at e-sword.net be used with BPBible?

If so, how as the are self extracting files.

Application crash BPBible Portable 0.4

BPBible Portable 0.4 works well with xp, but when I try to use it on a new Vista Machine it crashes,Fault Module Name: kernel32.dll The following data is displayed when I try to open it in Vista. Would appreciate any help with this problem.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: bpbible.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 48554bd0
Fault Module Name: kernel32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Fault Module Timestamp: 4791a76d
Exception Code: e06d7363
Exception Offset: 000442eb

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